Events and campaigns

The foundations financing is based on three pillars: Membership-fees, donations and profits from events. 


Many people and institutions have hosted and carried out events in order to raise money for the foundation. We extend our thanks to everyone who has been part of this so far!



-        The Polo Hockey Club arranged the PIGS party in December and generously donated all proceeds to our foundation.

-        Benefit concert by west end jazz at the Gymnasium Blankenese. Friends of the foundation and jazz enjoyed a fantastic concert by the jazz band “Westend jazz”, of which all admission fees and proceeds, as well as the catering, were donated to the foundation.

-        Overall four Birthday parties were hosted and kindly asked for a donation to our foundation instead of any gifts.

-        “Day for charity” at the Gymnasium Blankenese. All students of Johns’ former school dedicated a day towards earning money in an occupation of their choice. All the earnings are donated to a charity or a good cause, this time we were the lucky ones to receive a generous donation of €12,000.

-        Flea market/ bazaar at the Gymnasium Christianeum organised by the students’ council.



-        Christmas market at the Gymnasium Blankenese. All proceeds of the annual Christmas themed market were kindly given to our foundation.

-        A Halloween themed school disco was hosted by the Stadtteilschule Blankenese, donating all profits to us.