We, the John Grube Foundation e.V.  have the goal to improve access to information and communication for people affected by the disease Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis - also known as Morbus Wegener.

 We also promote research and other scientific projects that aim to vanquish GPA.


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John Grube Foundation e.V.

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The John Grube Foundation e.V. was founded in August 2017. The reason for it was the sudden death of our beloved son and friend John Grube. He died of the implications of an extraordinarily strong push of the disease  Granulomatosis with Polyangiits. But just because John has lost his fight, we do not want to give up fighting and therefore continue to campaign against this disease. That is why we founded this foundation – John surely would have liked that thought and we are certain, that he would have done the same for us. 

How the money is used

We want to show you the utmost transparency in our work for the foundation, especially with money issues: Anybody should know, at any time, how the money is used, that you donated. That is why we list all the projects that we have already accomplished, that we are working on right now, or that we plan to pursue in the near future. 

Our most important goal was to improve the information that patients can find online. We want to provide reliable information for all the people affected by GPA, which is scientifically correct but understandable for non-doctors.


Therefore we created a website which comprehended the most important facts and explains the medical context, all written by physicians.
It will also inform visitors about current research projects and give real life examples of patients and how they live with the disease.


We accomplished that goal in February 2019: GPA-Info.org  


We also promote research and are looking for projects in this field to support.

Our statute

In our statute we put our name, purpose and aim to record and we establish the legal basis of our work. It is a public record and visible to anyone. Since the foundations jurisdiction is Germany, it is only available in German.

Statute of the John Grube Foundation
Satzung JGF 25.3.2018 2.docx
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